Artificial intelligence and humanitarianism at Chatham House event

In the week when the UK is hosting an AI Safety Summit, the Chatham House discussion, organised in partnership with the ICRC and the British Computer Society, brought together representatives from across academia, the humanitarian sector, government, civil society and the tech industry.

The panellists and audience considered how the international community can develop the necessary measures to protect those caught up in conflict from the potential dangers associated with AI, while also exploring humanitarian opportunities.

Speaking after the event, Dr Alexi Drew, ICRC technology policy adviser, said: “The aim of this event was to bring together a group of people with a range of views on AI and its use in conflict settings.

“Having diverse opinion in the room helps to create an understanding of different positions with a view to building collaboration and progress. So the discussion was a really useful exercise in outlining some of the many challenges and complexities in the debate.”

Military technology and AI are being developed at incredible speed, in some cases faster than the international community’s ability to agree effective governing frameworks.

The ICRC has urged the international community to take a human-centred approach in how AI is used in places affected by conflict.   

“From the ICRC’s point of view, it is vital that discussions, both at the summit and beyond, consider the plight of people in conflict zones,” said Dr Drew.

“We look forward to continuing to contribute to these critical discussions so that international humanitarian law and humanitarian concerns are part of the conversation.”

Source : Icrc