Who Called Me From This Phone Number? 10 Ways to Find Out!

Receiving calls from unknown numbers is a recurring theme that can often be quite aggravating to deal with, especially since most of them tend to be from pranksters and telemarketers. However, the fact remains that some calls may be important, which raises the question, how can you truly distinguish the real from the fake?

The answer is simple. With the help of a reverse phone number lookup site, it is now easier than ever for anyone to conduct a quick background check. These platforms can instantly identify the owner of the number and provide you with in-depth information with just a few clicks.

To this end, we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down each of the 10 best ways to find out who keeps calling me. So, if you want to uncover the identity of an unknown caller, then make sure to read on for more information. Let’s get started with our picks of 5 recommended platforms!

  • Spokeo – Top reverse phone lookup site for accurate background reports
  • US Phone Lookup – Provides access to comprehensive background reports
  • CocoFinder – Has a highly intuitive and reliable reverse phone lookup search tool
  • SearchPeopleFree – Best lookup service for basic information on an unknown caller
  • PeopleFinderFree – Offers fast processing of reverse phone lookup searches



When it comes to online popularity, Spokeo is the leading reverse phone number lookup site, with notable brands like AT&T even cosigning the platform as a top choice for identifying unknown callers. The platform is linked to millions of public data sites, government databases, social networks, and even mailing lists. 

This enables it to consistently provide users with accurate and detailed background reports that typically include in-depth information, such as criminal records, financial data, educational history, property records, etc. Users are also provided with complete search privacy, as none of their searches are recorded. 

There is even the option of requesting for your data to be scrubbed from their database, which can make it harder for others to find information on you. In addition, the platform comes with advanced search filters that can help speed up the process of finding the data that you need on the target. 

Users can even choose to be notified whenever new information about the caller pops up on record.

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US Phone Lookup


US Phone Lookup is an excellent choice for those who may be looking to gather in-depth information on a target with minimal time, effort, or money required. Aside from online phone directories and listings, the platform is linked to local, state, and federal databases. As such, users can gather a ton of information on a caller, such as their home and office addresses, families and mutuals, educational background, criminal history, and more.

In addition, the site has been mobile-optimized, which allows you to conduct reverse phone lookups on any phone or tablet. Moreover, the platform guarantees complete user confidentiality, as it utilizes high-end encryption protocols to keep your search history private. The service even comes with cell phone tracking capabilities that allow users to pinpoint the location of the unknown caller instantly.

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CocoFinder has one of the most advanced reverse phone lookup search engines to find out who called you from any phone number. It connects to public data sites, social platforms, online directories, and even government databases to provide relevant information on any unknown caller. With this tool, you can find out the caller’s name, address, contact information, court records, and more, but what makes the platform unique is that it also has additional features.

Aside from phone lookups, it offers multiple search parameters, such as address lookups, people searches, and more. It comes with a unique search optimization feature that enables users to include more information on a target for more precise reporting. Furthermore, the interface offers smooth navigation, and it is mobile-optimized for convenient browsing.

Instantly find out who called you with CocoFinder! 



When it comes to gathering basic information on an unknown number, SearchPeopleFree does an effective job of quickly compiling as much information as it can find on the caller. The platform can access online public records, data collection sites, and even social networks, which enables it to provide details such as their full name, gender, age, email, social accounts, mutuals, etc.

SearchPeopleFree is completely free to use, and its user interface is fairly easy to understand. You just need to paste the number into the search engine, and it will summarize all the data it finds into one convenient individual profile for easy perusal. The search results on the platform will usually load quickly, so it won’t take long to get the background information that you need, either.

In addition, the platform has an extensive database of previously searched numbers, which enables users to quickly identify spam callers.



PeopleFinderFree shines when it comes to delivering speedy background results, as it only takes a matter of seconds to receive reliable reports on an unknown caller that are relatively broad and detailed. This covers basic information such as the caller’s name, acquaintances, addresses, social accounts, etc.

The platform is designed to be easy to navigate, which makes it accessible to all users, even those with no technical experience. It even has a large database of registered numbers that is continuously updated to facilitate faster searches. On top of that, the platform remains available for use 24/7 and the provider has a strict data privacy policy in place that ensures all user data remains confidential. 

Since the platform doesn’t charge users any fees to access their services, you won’t ever need to go through a paywall to conduct a background check, either.



EasyPeopleSearch is a great option for those who need a simple and efficient way to gather basic details about a target with minimal hassle. The platform is designed with a highly intuitive and easy-to-use search engine that can retrieve information from any unknown number. It also doesn’t matter if the caller is using a landline, mobile, VOIP, or toll-free line. 

Whether you want to know their name, age, location, criminal history, educational background, or even current address, this tool will scan numerous public directories, data archives, and online listings before generating a full background report. You won’t have to wait long, as it typically produces the information in a matter of minutes and at no cost whatsoever.

Plus, the site implements advanced encryption, so all your searches remain completely private, which means the caller will never know you’re investigating them.



TruePeopleSearch is a simple tool for those looking to gather quick results on a target, as it gathers any online information it can find on a caller before compiling it into a report. It scours white pages, public directories, data bank sites, and even dating profiles to provide you with any relevant information tied to the unknown number’s owner.

As a result, you can learn the most basic details about a target, such as their name, gender, age, mutuals, social accounts, contact details, email, residence, etc. Since it filters all the information it finds, this means that you won’t need to bother sorting through a bunch of irrelevant data.

All you need to do is input the unknown number in the search bar, and within a matter of seconds, you will get a report that covers all the basic information you need to know.


Real People Search uses an advanced search algorithm to effectively sift through millions of online datasets and public records to find any information linked to an unknown number. It offers access to search filter options that make it easy to specify the exact information that you need, be it the caller’s name, address, family members, or even financial details.

The platform’s database is constantly kept up-to-date, which allows users to check the topmost searched numbers to quickly uncover the identity of an unknown caller. Moreover, the service is 100% anonymous, so there is no risk of the caller ever finding out that you conducted a background check on them. The search engine is simple and intuitive, not to mention that it produces quality reports at no charge.



NumLooker allows users to access valuable data on any unknown caller, but what makes it a popular option is that users can conduct reverse searches based on city, state, or even country. It even comes with several different search options, such as address lookups, people lookups, email lookups, and more, which makes it a highly versatile tool to rely on.

In terms of background results, it collects a wide variety of publicly available data that ranges from personal biodata to governmental records. The site regularly updates its database to ensure information accuracy is maintained. In addition, it allows users to be notified whenever there are any new updates made to their target’s background.



FindPeopleFast is a reliable reverse lookup platform that is known to extract valuable information on any caller from multiple sources, such as public data archives, state and federal databases, social networks, and online directories. Within minutes, it compiles any data it finds into a detailed list that includes information such as the caller’s contact details, relatives, mutuals, etc.

The search tool is designed to be straightforward to navigate, with users also being able to download the compiled reports for later perusal. In addition, the platform offers excellent privacy protection, as there is never any record of the searches you make. Plus, there is a reliable customer support team available to provide 24/7 assistance.


To summarize, conducting a reverse phone number lookup has never been easier than with the 10 sites that we’ve listed above. With their help, you should have no trouble uncovering the identity behind an unknown number and even gathering a fair amount of information on them with minimal time, effort, or money required. So, take your time and choose the one that suits your needs best to unmask all anonymous callers today!

Source : Macworld