Best iPad for seniors 2023-2024

The 10.2in iPad (2021) may well be the cheapest iPad model you can buy, but that doesn’t mean it’s a truly ‘budget’ device in the pejorative sense. For many – perhaps most – people, this iPad will deliver everything you want from a tablet and not cost you a small fortune in the process.

When Apple launched the 10th Generation iPad in October 2022 it continued to sell the 9th Generation model, which still has plenty to offer and could well be the best blend of affordability, power and functionality for the older user. One of the reasons we say this is the inclusion of the Home button. iPadOS features many great swipe gestures for navigating through apps and menus, but sometimes it’s good to have a simple button that can always take you back to the Home screen. It stops you from feeling lost or confused when you just want to open up a new app or change some settings. As the last iPad to come with a Home button, this is a prime feature to consider when it comes to selecting an iPad for senior users. A good rule of thumb is the phone they currently use. If it’s an older iPhone with a Home button, then this iPad will be instantly familiar to them, but if it’s anything from the iPhone X onwards, then you may want to opt for some of the other options listed below.

Apple’s A13 Bionic chip powers the iPad (9th Gen), and it’s ideal for surfing the web, watching streaming services and shopping online. This is the same processor that also featured in the iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max when they launched in 2019, so it’s a bit old, but it’s a chip that should be supported by Apple for a few more years.

For FaceTime calls there’s a 12MP Ultra Wide front camera which offers advanced features such as Centre Stage (which allows you to move around on video calls while the iPad tracks you – so you don’t disappear out of view), 2x zoom and 1080p video.

Why are these features particularly good for seniors? Well, having an excellent video-call experience will allow them to keep in touch with the grandkids, friends or family around the world, without looking grainy or like they’re calling from the early 2000s.

The 10.2-inch display is also large enough for eyes that might be starting to diminish in power, while the touch targets on the screen will be easy to hit with unsteady hands. Of course, many seniors are full of more life and vigor than their grandchildren, and the ability to connect an Apple Smart keyboard and first-gen Apple Pencil makes this a perfect companion for traveling while writing memoirs or creating art. It’s also the only remaining iPad to feature a headphone jack, which could be very useful if the intended recipient hasn’t yet embraced the wireless charms of the AirPods or AirPod Pros.

The 9th-gen iPad comes in these storage options, priced as follows:

  • 64GB: £329/$369
  • 256GB: £479/$549

If you want to add cellular capabilities then those are also available:

  • 64GB (cellular): £459/$519
  • 256GB (cellular): £609/$699

It isn’t just the best choice for older users, but probably for most users full stop.

Apple is likely to update the iPad in 2024, and when it does so it is likely to drop the 9th generation iPad from the lineup, so this may be your last chance to buy an iPad with a Home button if that is what you want!

Source : Macworld