Bolis Pupul Announces Debut Solo Album, Shares Video for New Song “Completely Half”: Watch

Bolis Pupul, who released Topical Dancer in 2022 with Charlotte Adigéry, will release his debut solo album, Letter to Yu, on March 8 via Soulwax’s Deewee. (Soulwax co-produced the album with Pupul.) Watch the video for the lead single “Completely Half,” shot in Hong Kong and directed by photographer Bieke Depoorter, below.

Pupul was born to a Belgian father and a Chinese mother. The album is described as a love letter to his mother, who died in 2008. “When I started to think about my roots, I started to embrace them. And it became more and more important for me to get in touch with them,” he said in a statement. “I went to evening school and began learning Chinese. I did that for four years. That was the first step.”

Source : Pitchfork