10 Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites (No Charge)

Nowadays, receiving calls from unknown numbers can often make us hesitant to answer, and for good reason. These days, it is not uncommon to be pestered by telemarketers, scammers, catfishers, or even spammers.

However, phone numbers are now utilized for various purposes online. Therefore, we can use reliable reverse phone lookup sites to uncover the identity of the caller.

These platforms make it easy to conduct quick phone number checks, as they can scan multiple online public databases to offer information on any phone number’s owner, such as their name, contact details, and more. 

If you’re looking to identify unknown callers quickly, check out this article where we gather 10 free reverse phone lookup sites. Let’s take a look at the first 5 on our list and get started!

  • Spokeo – Most reputable platform for gathering comprehensive background reports
  • CocoFinder – Offers accurate and up-to-date reverse phone lookup information
  • USPhoneLookup – Has an easy-to-navigate reverse phone search user interface
  • NumLooker – Provides access to multiple background search parameters and features
  • US Phone Search – Strong choice for fast free phone lookup results



Spokeo is the most popular free reverse phone lookup site that has built a solid reputation among online users for easily retrieving background information on any phone number.

It can be relied on to provide comprehensive reports on any target including information such as their name, email, home address, social accounts, and more. It can even uncover in-depth details on their criminal history, financial records, educational background, etc.

On top of that, it even provides automatic updates on searches and allows users to conveniently download the reports via PDF. Plus, its search engine even offers special filtering options that allow users to better pinpoint the information that they need.

Uncover the mystery of an unknown number! Start your search here.



If you need accurate and up-to-date reverse phone lookup results, then CocoFinder is a good bet to get the job done. It is continuously updated for greater data accuracy and even guarantees that any reverse phone searches conducted remain confidential.

The platform is renowned for having a highly advanced search engine that scours multiple public databases, social platforms, and more to provide highly relevant results on an individual’s past and current status. This includes information such as their name, address, contact details, possible relatives and acquaintances, etc. 

It comes with a smooth and user-friendly interface that ensures you can conduct as many background checks as you need. In addition, the platform offers other useful services, such as name searches, background checks, and email lookups. 

Use CocoFinder’s reverse phone lookup to reveal unknown numbers now.



USPhoneLookup is a great way to look up phone numbers for free, with a standout feature being its user-friendly interface. With this platform, first-time users can quickly identify any unknown caller with minimal difficulty, even if they have no technical knowledge or experience.

The platform utilizes a powerful reverse search engine that extracts information from various online listings, public directories, and government databases. This comprehensive search offers reports that include useful details such as names, email addresses, social media accounts, and more.

With USPhoneLookup, you can conveniently conduct searches even while on the move, as the platform is mobile-friendly. Plus, their servers don’t store any history of past reverse phone lookups, so you can remain anonymous.

Unlock the secret behind any call with USPhoneLookup!



NumLooker is a free reverse lookup tool for those looking to gather more in-depth information on an unknown caller, be it from a cellphone, landline, or VoIP. It goes beyond basic lookup services and provides users with additional features such as people searches and address lookups. This makes it easier for users to uncover even more details on the target.

With NumLooker, users can gather relevant details that may not be available from other reverse search tools, including the caller’s location, business records, property records, and even credit history. 

To stay informed, users can choose to receive notifications about any updates regarding a specific target. Aside from that, the platform even comes with a reliable customer support team that can assist 24/7.


US Phone Search is a reliable and free phone lookup platform that accesses a wide range of public data sources. As a result, it does well to consistently provide a fair amount of insight into an unknown caller’s background, such as their name, address, business records, court records, and more.

The tool allows users to narrow down their search by area code, and it even offers mobile phone location tracking. Furthermore, the platform is secured using high encryption protocols, which guarantees complete user privacy and confidentiality. 

The platform is easy enough to navigate, so even first-time users should have no trouble accessing the information they need. 



When it comes to speed and efficiency, PeopleFinderFree is a great option. It can produce detailed reverse phone number search results on a large dataset within a matter of seconds. 

This typically includes details like the caller’s name, business information, social accounts, employment history, address details, criminal background, etc. In essence, it pulls any publicly available data that it can find related to your given target, which ensures that you don’t miss anything relevant.

In addition to reverse phone lookup, this platform enables you to access individual information through people search, address lookup, and reverse email lookup. You can also conduct background checks using this service.



FindPeopleFast efficiently delivers pertinent information about unknown callers, sparing users from sifting through unnecessary data. By scanning various online sources, this free reverse phone search tool quickly retrieves important details.

This allows you to get important information such as their name, close acquaintances, business information, etc. The platform produces results relatively quickly and maintains a strict user privacy policy, which means that your search history will remain completely private. 

Furthermore, the user interface is extremely easy to operate, as FindPeopleFast will provide a short list of the basics of the target. However, do remember that if the caller has a limited digital footprint, then it may not be able to provide a full background report.



TruePeopleSearch scans multiple online public records and data collection sites to extract available information connected to the unknown number. Furthermore, the platform provides a range of additional valuable services, including name searches, background checks, and email lookups.

As a result, it is a good option for those who simply want basic information on a target without having to go through a paywall. Besides, it even ensures complete user confidentiality on all background checks. 

However, do keep in mind that not all searches on this site are always guaranteed to be 100% accurate.


Real People Search compiles detailed reports on unknown callers by connecting to a wide range of online phone directories, government websites, and public data archives. It only takes a few minutes to provide you with a list of information associated with the number, such as name, contact details, addresses, etc.

The platform updates its database regularly, which ensures that the data provided is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Moreover, all reports generated are easily downloadable for convenience’s sake. 

Its search bar is also simple enough that anyone can use it, no matter what their technical skill level may be. They even offer a dependable customer support team that remains ready to address any concerns or issues you may have.



FastPeopleSearch provides users with a safe and efficient way to gather quick background information on a caller with no strings attached. With this platform, you can typically access useful details like their name, email, age, location, social profile, and other related information.

All it takes is pasting the number into the search engine, and it will return available information about the caller instantly. The site utilizes advanced encryption technology and does not keep track of your searches. As such, you can conduct as many free phone number searches as you want without the target ever finding out they are being reviewed. 

Furthermore, FastPeopleSearch is designed to be quick and reliable, which makes it ideal for collecting data on any type of caller, be it for personal or even business purposes.


With help from the right reverse phone lookup site, you can effectively put an end to incessant calls from telemarketers and pranksters by tracking down information on the person behind the number with just a few clicks. 

Each platform that we’ve listed above is an industry leader, and they won’t even require you to pay a dime to access their services. However, do keep in mind that the amount of information provided can vary depending on the platform, so make sure to choose wisely.

Source : Macworld