iPad 11th-gen: Everything you need to know about the 2024 iPad update

Apple had been expected to update its most affordable iPad in 2023, but the normal release window came and went without a single iPad making its debut (apart from a slightly tweaked version in China). So, what does this mean if you’re considering picking up an Apple tablet. Should you wait or will it be a long time before we see the iPad 11th generation enter the scene? Here’s all we know so far about the iPad 2024. 

When will the iPad (11th-gen) be released?

For the past few years Apple has had a steady release schedule for its cheapest iPad. It would normally appear alongside the latest iPhones in the September event and hit the stores before the end of that month. 2022 saw a slight adjustment to this with a revamped iPad (10th-generation) making its debut in October alongside the new iPad Pro M2 and Apple TV 4K (3rd-generation).

Here’s when the previous iPad models launched:

It certainly looks like the standard iPad is overdue an update, but it’s not the only iPad overdue an update: Apple failed to update any iPads at all in 2023. It was the first year since the launch of the first iPad in 2010 that Apple failed to update a single iPad. The delay could be down to resources being focused on the launch of the Vision Pro. Read about what’s coming to the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro in 2024.

So when can we expect an update? It is possible that Apple will return to a spring launch date, as was the case with the 6th-generation iPad that launched at a school-focussed event, but that was a long time ago.

In an October newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple is indeed planning a March launch for new iPads, so that would appear to be the most likely arrival date at the moment. 

Like Gurman, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that all four iPad lines (standard, mini, Air, and Pro) will be refreshed in 2024. Kuo also believes that the 9th-gen iPad, which is still on sale currently, will be phased out before the end of 2024. The 9th gen iPad is the only iPad that still has a Lightning port.

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How much will the iPad (11th-gen) cost?

Pricing was consistent up until the arrival of the iPad (10th-generation) in 2022, but following the redesign Apple upped the price quite significantly. To offset this, Apple kept the iPad (9th-generation) in production and at the same price in the US, but even that model had a hefty price hike in the UK and mainland Europe, up to £369 and €439 respectively. 

It is likely that pricing will remain the same for the 11th gen iPad, although with the 9th-generation model likely to be removed from the line-up, the price of the entry-level iPad may drop to match the 9th gen model (from $329/£369).

As a guide, here are the launch prices for the last few generations of the standard iPad:

  • iPad (10th-generation) – $449/£499/€589
  • iPad (9th-generation) – $329/£319/€379 (now: $329/£369/€439)
  • iPad (8th-generation) – $329/£329/€379
  • iPad (7th-generation) – $329/£349/€349

What features will we see in the iPad (11th-gen)? 

As the iPad (10th-generation) was a major overhaul of the format, we don’t expect another great leap in technology with the 11th-generation model when it appears. With Apple reported to be refreshing the entire iPad lineup in 2024, only an iterative update is on the cards. 


The most obvious area will be the chipset. The current iPad 10 runs on an A14 chipset, which also appears in the iPhone 12 range and iPad Air (4th-generation). With the iPhone 15 range now using the A16 chipset, this would suggest that the new iPad 11 would get an upgrade to something closer to that.


As the display size was increased from 10.2-inches to 10.9-inches with the iPad 10 refresh, we’d say there’s little chance of anything changing there. One thing that might have been likely was a move to support the Apple Pencil (2nd-gen), as the iPad 10 only supported the first Apple Pencil iteration (which may be discontinued). The recent introduction of the Apple Pencil USB-C and its support on the iPad 10, makes us think that this is the solution on offer to anyone who wants an Apple stylus. 



The cameras on the iPad 10th-generation all seem pretty decent for a device in this class, with the new placement in landscape mode making it better for video-calls, especially with support for Center Stage that keep you in the middle of the screen even if you move about. 

Apple may eventually add Face ID, as at the moment Touch ID (via the power button) is the only biometrics on offer.


If there’s a standout upgrade that could make life easier for people, it’s storage. Apple keeps marketing the iPad as a laptop replacement, but then cripples the base-model with only 64GB of storage (of which you have even less, as iPadOS and the built-in apps take a chunk of that space). It’s time Apple moved its entry-level tablet up to 128GB, so that wouldn’t be a huge surprise if it happens when the iPad 11 finally rolls around. 

We’ll keep updating this article as more information becomes available. Until then, you should check out our best iPad 9th and 10th-generation deals and best iPad mini deals roundups to see if you can bag yourself a bargain on one of Apple’s other offerings.  

Source : Macworld