Man who featured on hit podcast shot dead in police stand-off

A man who featured in the hit podcast ‘S-Town’ has been shot and killed by police during a stand-off in Alabama, authorities say.

Tyler Goodson, 32, of Woodstock, was shot and killed by officers after he barricaded himself inside a home and “brandished a gun” at officers on Sunday morning, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said.

Police said they were responding to a call when they arrived at the home. They did not explain what led to the call.

Mr Goodson posted a Facebook update at around the time of the incident, according to local media, saying “Police bout [sic] shoot me in my own yard.”

The 2017 podcast S-Town told the story of an Alabama man named John B McLemore, who took his own life before the show came out.

S-Town focuses on the eccentric Mr McLemore, a restorer of antique clocks, but ultimately investigates two killings in the town.

Mr Goodson explored his relationship with Mr McLemore in the podcast, saying in episode three: “Because you know, I ain’t ever had no daddy worth a damn. He’s just about the only daddy I’ve got.”

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He was well known in Woodstock’s community, which is made up of around 1,500 people.

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“I know that everyone wants answers and details, myself included,” Woodstock mayor Jeff Dodson said in a statement following the shooting.

“Tyler was well known and loved by myself, his family and this community. That love extends far beyond due to the S-Town podcast.

“Please remember at this time that he is so much more than a character to the fans who loved him. This young man was a father, son, brother and friend to many.”

Police say they are reviewing the shooting.

Mr Goodson was given a suspended sentence in 2017 after pleading guilty to burglary and theft charges accusing him of taking items from Mr McLemore’s property after his death.

Before pleading guilty, Mr Goodson had maintained he was retrieving items that belonged to him.

He told the AP news agency in 2017 that the podcast had brought plenty of attention to both the town and himself, but said neither have done him any favours.

“It’s a sad story, especially if you’re part of it,” he said.

Source : Sky News