Top courthouse in Gaza ‘destroyed by IDF’

A main courthouse in Gaza has been destroyed by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), according to several Israel media outlets.
Footage, showing the demolition of the Palace of Justice, was published on 4 December by Israel media.
Israel’s Kan News said the IDF demolished the courthouse on 3 December and The Times of Israel said the building was brought down using controlled explosions.
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However, Sky News could not verify the video’s date and the demolition could have taken place before this.
A photo posted on 20 November by a military correspondent for The Times of Israel showed IDF troops outside the courthouse located near the al Zahra municipality after they had captured the site.

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In the video, the explosion appears to have started on the building’s lower levels obliterating it as debris and smoke fly everywhere.
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Israel has reportedly taken down dozens of Hamas government buildings since its ground operations began at the end of October.
The IDF stormed the southern city of Khan Younis in what they called the “most intense” day of combat in five weeks of ground operations against Hamas militants.

Source : Sky News