Sexyy Red and Tokischa Share New Song “Daddy”: Listen

Tokischa and Sexxy Red and have teamed up for a new single. “Daddy” is co-produced by Yeti Beats and El Guincho. A new video for the song is set to arrive on Friday, December 8. As the single artwork previews, Tokischa will be dressed up in plump-dude prosthetics à la Eddie Murphy’s Sherman Klump. Later in the video, Sexyy Red ditches the prosthetics-clad Tokischa to instead get with the actual Tokischa. Stay tuned for the video, and listen to the song below.

The song is the latest from Tokischa following “Contoy” and “La Muerte.” See where Sexyy Red’s “SkeeYee” landed on Pitchfork’s list of “The 100 Best Songs of 2023.”

Source : Pitchfork