Pussy Riot’s Story Being Developed Into Scripted Series

A new limited scripted series is being developed about Pussy Riot. STX Entertainment announced that it has reached a deal with Nadya Tolokonnikova to develop the show based on her upcoming memoir. The series will feature the run-up to Pussy Riot’s “Punk Prayer” protest, their arrest and jail sentence, and the subsequent Sochi Olympics protest. Tolokonnikova shared in a statement:

I was a broke 20-year-old artist studying philosophy, he was one of the most powerful, wealthy and dangerous men on Earth. In 2011 I went against him, damn the consequences. After years of imprisonment, harassment, attacks, trauma I am ready to share this story. My dream is to see my country peaceful, democratic and diverse, where gay people are not being stoned to death. Is it too much to ask? Does it make me an extremist?

Today I’m on Russia’s most wanted list, labeled as a foreign agent, and recently was arrested in absentia by Russian court. My relatives and friends had been poisoned, my government wants me dead, but I don’t regret anything. If Pussy Riot’s story can inspire a new generation of rebels, it was all not in vain.

“We are incredibly excited to make a show as courageous and daring as its subject,” series executive producer Sophie Watts. “Nadya’s life is nothing short of extraordinary. A gripping, real-life spy life, filled with heroic, relentless art actions and activism, this series will show how a persevering artistic spirit can change the world.”

Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokno Doesn’t Want You to Dread the Word “Vagina”

Source : Pitchfork