At LiveWIRED, We’re Celebrating 30 Years of Tech (and Looking Into the Future)

30 years ago, the founding editors of WIRED knew that technology would change our world, but they likely had no idea how it would be transformed. They had no idea that in a few short years, all of us would be seamlessly interconnected, capable of communicating and working together in real-time, carrying tiny supercomputers in our pockets. One thing they did know was that tech would change everything: It would bring us together as much as it would drive us apart, and like any human innovation, it had the power to cause as many problems as it solves.

And problems we have. Climate catastrophes, new diseases, crumbling infrastructure, wealth inequality, cyber threats, geopolitical conflicts, and threats to global democracy are just some of the things now shaking people’s confidence in a better tomorrow. But human ingenuity is always a cause for hope, and every generation brings new thinkers, activists, entrepreneurs, and builders to work on the world’s biggest challenges.

That’s why we’re hosting LiveWIRED, a one-day event in San Francisco that brings together business leaders, activists, experts, and leaders in multiple fields to discuss technology’s role in our changing world, and what the next 30 years will look like. We will also celebrate WIRED’s 30th anniversary in style, by showcasing the people, technologies, and possibilities that inspire us—and, we hope, will inspire you.

Join us on December 5 in San Francisco for a packed program of panels, activations, and activities featuring some of the most influential people in tech, business, science, and entertainment as we explore technology’s impact on our past, present, and future—and dig into solutions and our optimistic vision for the next 30 years.

Source : Wired