Fill everyone’s stockings with this 4-pack of AirTags for $80

At just $29 each, AirTags aren’t just a great way to keep tabs on things that aren’t made by Apple, they’re also one of the cheapest things Apple sells. And today they’re even cheaper: Amazon is selling a four-pack of AirTags for $80, a savings of $20 and one of the best prices we’ve ever seen.

AirTags are small circular Bluetooth trackers that add Find My support to keys, wallets, and other non-Apple items. They connect to the app just like an iPhone or MacBook and alert you when something is left behind. Most importantly, if something with an AirTag is lost or stolen, you can use the vast Find My network to find it. They’re small enough to pop into a pocket or a small bag, but you’ll need a case with a keyring if you want to attach one to something.

This deal brings the price of each AirTag down to just $20, so if you’re looking for a last-minute gift, go grab a pack before the price shoots back up.

Source : Macworld