Videos ‘show Israeli troops destroying property in Gaza’ – as IDF says it has ‘taken action’

Two videos have surfaced over the past few days which appear to show Israel Defence Force (IDF) troops destroying property in Gaza.
One video shows soldiers setting fire to items in the back of a lorry – which has a Palestinian number plate – containing water bottles and cardboard boxes.

A man in the video claims they are in the Shejaiya neighbourhood in northern Gaza. He is heard saying the video is being filmed on the second day of Hanukkah, which was Saturday 9 December.
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Image: IDF troops appear to set fire to property in the back of a lorry
The man adds that an entrance to a Hamas tunnel has been filmed nearby.

The group’s extensive tunnel network is bigger in scale than the London Underground network, according to military analyst Sean Bell. They are used to store weapons and food, as well as enable the group to carry out small-scale offensive action.
In recent months, the IDF has claimed to have discovered numerous tunnels used by Hamas, including a 55-metre passageway beneath al Shifa hospital.
The second video shows a soldier in what appears to be a shop that sold stationary items and toys.

Image: IDF soldier appears to knock over display in Gaza shop
The man being filmed can be heard joking about the price of items, whilst throwing them around the building and destroying them.


Sky News cannot independently verify where or when either video was filmed.The IDF responded with the following after being sent the two videos: “The IDF has taken action and will continue acting to identify misconduct and behaviour that does not align with the expected morals and values of IDF soldiers.

Image: IDF troop appears to mock item before destroying it
“The incidents will be reviewed and disciplinary measures will be taken regarding the soldiers involved.”
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It comes after footage appeared to show groups of unarmed Palestinian men being detained without clothes, blindfolded and bound.

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Palestinian men ‘captured and stripped by IDF’

The video, which was widely shared on social media, showed those being held lined up in rows. Some appeared to have their hands tied behind their backs.
Sky News could not independently verify when these images were taken.
Some of those held in a group were released on Saturday. They claimed they had been beaten and denied food and water.
Addressing the video on Monday, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said: “I want to address the documentation published in recent days in the media.
“The IDF forces operate according to the values and spirit of the IDF.
“Soldiers on the battlefield are required to act professionally and ethically and we will not compromise on this.”

Source : Sky News