Marilyn Manson Ex-Assistant’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit Revived by Appeals Court

A lawsuit accusing Marilyn Manson of sexual assault, discrimination, battery, and harassment has been revived in an appeals court, Billboard reports. The lawsuit filed by former personal assistant Ashley Walters in 2021 was dismissed last year when a judge ruled that it exceeded California’s two-year statute of limitations. The appeals court reversal noted that the lawsuit is protected by the delayed discovery rule as Walters argued that trauma led her to suppress the memories until 2020.

“Until she received diagnosis and treatment, Walters [says she] was unable to remember the repressed events, and once she did recall them, she was unable to immediately identify these events as abuse,” the court opinion reads. “These allegations of suppressed memories and psychological blocking are sufficient to withstand [dismissal].”

Source : Pitchfork