‘Life really won’t be the same without him’: King’s tribute to Barry Humphries

The King has said “life really won’t be the same without him” in a message read out at a state memorial service to Barry Humphries.

The Australian stage and screen veteran, who died on 22 April aged 89, was best known for his satirical characters during a seven-decade career entertaining generations of fans.

Following the playing of the Australian national anthem, Australia’s minister for the arts Tony Burke took to the stage to read a message from Charles.

The message said: “I suspect that all those who appeared on stage or TV with Barry’s Dame Edna, or who found her appearing at the back of the royal box will have shared that unique sensation where fear and fun combine.

“Those who tried to stand on their dignity soon lost their footing. Those who wondered whether Australia’s housewife superstar might this time just go too far, were always proved right. No-one was safe.

Barry Humphries, through his creations, poked and prodded us, exposed pretensions, punctured pomposity, surfaced insecurities, but most of all, (helped us) laugh at ourselves.”

The King’s message continued: “This cultured and erudite man, with his love of literature and the visual arts and passion for Weimar cabaret, could not have been more different from his various stage incarnations.

“Like so many, I have been deeply saddened by his passing. Life really won’t be the same without him. May our gladioli bloom in celebration of his memory.”

In a video message, Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called Humphries’ characters Dame Edna and Sir Les Patterson a great example of “the duality of power”.

He said: “(They make up) two halves of the one extraordinary whole. Two contrasting figures who ultimately balanced each other.

“No matter how unruly his creations became, it was Barry who had the final word.”

Source : Sky News