Family find baby owl living in Christmas tree

One family got a little something extra when they picked out their Christmas tree this year – a baby owl.
Every year the White family of Lexington, Kentucky, pick their own tree and bring it home – and this year was no different.

And it was not until four days after they had put it up in the living room and decorated it before they found the intruder.
Michele White told WDKY-TV: “I have three dogs. We use this room non-stop, watching TV, the kitchen’s right here, no indication.”
Bobby Hayes, who owns Magic Carpet Cleaning and was at the home while the family was out, first noticed the bird after plugging in a piece of equipment and seeing the tree start to sway.

Image: Bobby Hayes, who owns Magic Carpet Cleaning, found the baby owl (Bobby Hayes via AP)

Image: (Bobby Hayes via AP)
“The owl was literally sitting on a lower limb here,” Mr Hayes said.
“It crawled up into the tree further. It took me several minutes to even find it.”

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He sent photos to Mrs White, who said she was glad he was there to deal with the animal.
Mr Hayes safely released the owl in the family’s back garden.


Source : Sky News