Sculptor produces tiny three wise men in the eye of a needle for Christmas

A micro-sculptor has crafted a tiny version of the three wise men in an effort to bring a “little bit of hope and happiness” over the Christmas season.

The art piece has been constructed in the eye of a needle, and features the biblical characters wearing 24-carat gold crowns on camels, made from nylon, on a tiny starry background.

The man behind it, Willard Wigan used his own eyelash as a paintbrush to decorate his art, and explained the camels are smaller than the size of a full stop.

Mr Wigan, who is from the West Midlands, worked for 16 hours a day for four weeks to develop his sculpture, which he called Three Little Kings, to bring “a lot of light to the world”.

“We’re living in troubled times and sometimes we need to see something that’s going to bring some happiness to us and pleasure and fun,” the 66-year-old said.

“What I want to do is bring a little bit of hope and happiness and shed a little light on the world with something so small.

“The little things in life can make us all happy sometimes.”

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Mr Wigan added he worked in between his heartbeats and held his breath to limit any disturbance that could damage his piece, describing the process as “trying to put a pin through a bubble without bursting the bubble”.

“I have to work between my heartbeat for everything I do on this level because if you don’t the pulse in your fingers starts to move,” he said.

“You’re getting these external forces that drive you mad when you work on a microscopic level. One mistake and it’s finished.”

Image: Willard Wigan has been creating micro-sculptures since he was a child
Undated handout photo of the tiny recreation of the three wise men by renowned micro-sculptor Willard Wiga to bring "a little bit of hope and happiness" this festive season. Wigan hand-crafted three wise men wearing 24-carat gold crowns while riding camels made from a tiny segment of nylon and used a microscopic piece of glitter to paint a starry background, all within the eye of a needle. Issue date: Tuesday December 19, 2023.

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Mr Wigan has been creating microscopic sculptures since he was five, when he started making houses for ants, and while he said he finds the end result rewarding, he admitted he does not enjoy the process.

He was told he would “amount to nothing” at school, and wants to share his journey to inspire others to do what they love.

“Because I’m autistic, because I can’t read, I found my own journey and I inspire people with what I do, so people can see who I am and what I’m about.

“Sometimes we need role models so it can inspire them to becoming what they want to become within their own field.”

He added: “My message to people is don’t use Christmas as an excuse to be kind. Use it as an experience and as a tool for love.

“If I could wave a wand, I’d make everybody peaceful and happy.”

Source : Sky News