Steve Aoki and Yellowcard Team Up for 20th Anniversary Remix of “Ocean Avenue”

If you were in your teenage years during the year 2003, then chances are you’re very familiar with pop-punk/emo band Yellowcard’s seminal hit “Ocean Avenue.” An iconic anthem of teenage love and hijinks, “Ocean Avenue” still hits right in the feels to this day.

In perfect conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the song (and Yellowcard’s major label debut album of the same name), Yellowcard have teamed up with none other than Steve Aoki for a breathtaking remix that takes the pop-punk classic into the modern age and onto the dancefloor.

It was actually Yellowcard vocalist/guitarist Ryan Key that reached out to Aoki about the possible collab. Key and the band had been dabbling in electronic music since they returned from a six-year hiatus and Aoki’s punk rock bona fides are well known. There have been a lot of dance music remakes of early 2000s songs, but the music is way sweeter when the original artist actively contributes to the new track. That is definitely the case on this new edition of “Ocean Avenue.”

“When Ryan initially reached out about this possible collab, I was really excited—especially when I discovered how much he loves electronic music.” Aoki says. “We combined our different musical styles to create a perfect fusion of alt rock and electronic for this track. Honoring Ocean Avenue’s 20th anniversary by blending these sounds was an amazing experience.”

“I really admired the collaborations Steve was doing in the alternative rock and emo world, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to reach out and see if we could work together for the 20th anniversary of Ocean Avenue.” Key adds. “Steve’s passion for music and creativity is infectious. The band and I are huge electronic music fans, so working with him has been an absolute career highlight.”

Check out Steve Aoki & Yellowcard’s version of “Ocean Avenue” out now on Dim Mak.

Source : Your Edm