I. Jordan Announces Debut Album I Am Jordan, Shares New Song and Video: Watch

I. Jordan has announced their debut album. I Am Jordan is out May 10 via Ninja Tune. “Real Hot n Naughty” leads the LP, and it features a vocal turn from the actor and rapper Felix Mufti, whom Sex Education fans will recognize as It Boy Roman. In the video, Jordan and Mufti whip up a party in a bingo hall; watch it go down below.

Jordan said in press materials, “A large part of the reason why Felix and I instantly bonded is because of our queer working-class backgrounds, and our pride around that as well. Our aim with this track is to make a real queer northern dance anthem. A lot of working-class, northern humour is ‘things are a bit shit, but whatever. We’ll take the piss.’”

I Am Jordan:

01 When Lights Flash
02 Casino High
03 Real Hot n Naughty [ft. Felix Mufti]
04 The Countdown [ft. Taahliah]
05 Butterlick [ft. Sister Zo]
06 Reification and Pathetic Fallacy
07 People Want Nice Things
08 Round n Round
09 The Woodpecker
10 7 Degrees of Despondent
11 Close to You
12 Rapt Finis

Source : Pitchfork