Gain White Hat Hacker knowledge with this 98-hour training package, now only $39.99

White hat hackers are the unsung heroes in that battle against cybersecurity threats. With the training in this White Hat Hacker bundle, you can get comprehensive training in defending yourself and your organization from cyber attackers.

Across ten comprehensive courses that cover almost 100 hours of instruction, this bundle begins with expert-led training by cybersecurity guru Nathan House, the CEO of Station X. House brings his wealth of experience and multiple accreditations to his teachings, guiding learners of varying expertise on how to spot and thwart network security breaches.

Whether you’re training to be an IT professional or just someone concerned about their digital safety, these courses offer the background to take the initiative in protecting your PCs, network, or your entire tech infrastructure.

You’ll learn how to utilize Nmap, an indispensable tool for assessing network security, and tackle even more specialized classes in ethical hacking and cybersecurity. The package also includes a dive into Python’s role in cybersecurity, as well as a hands-on course focused on using Python for penetration testing.

There’s even training to help take and pass some of the industry’s most pivotal certification exams, provided in the CompTIA’s Pentest+ and CompTIA CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst courses. Students will even earn a certification of completion for every course in this bundle.

Gain invaluable cybersecurity skills with the White Hat Hacker training courses, now just $39.99.


The Ultimate White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle

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