This ingenious color-matching sensor can help DIY-ers, home renovators, and others for under $70

Matching a color you see in the world with a paint color at the store is next to impossible for the human eye. That’s why the Nix Mini 2 exists. This ingenious $70 pocket-sized device is designed to get precise color assessments on virtually any flat surface, allowing you to turn the inspiration you find in the world into DIY, home renovation, or creation action.

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Whether it’s a restaurant upholstering color that’s caught your eye or you need to figure out which paint color is needed to patch up spots in your home, the Nix can accurately capture your desired color, blocking ambient light so it can match in any condition. It also works on any surface, including walls, textiles, vinyl, leather, and more, and matches your color scans to over 100,000 brand-name paint colors and sRGB HEX, CMYK, and LAB color codes.

The Nix pairs with the Nix Paints app to save your color scans, and you can even easily organize your matches in the app and share them with friends or collaborators. No wonder Mashable raved, “The Nix Mini Color Sensor could be an awesome tool to feed your innate perfectionism.”

Take any DIY, design, or home renovation project to the next level with the Nix Mini 2 Color-Matching Sensor, now just $69.99.


Nix Mini 2 Color-Matching Sensor

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Source : Macworld