Domino’s Pizza apologises after employee ‘nose-picking’ video goes viral

Domino’s Pizza has apologised after a video of an employee appearing to pick his nose and wipe his hand on dough went viral.
The video was filmed in the chain’s Amagasaki branch in the Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, and posted on forum website Bakusai.

It shows an employee, wearing Domino’s branded uniform and blue gloves, kneading dough and speaking to the person behind the camera.
They then reach up to their face and appear to put their finger in their nose – before wiping it on the dough in front of them.

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The video soon went viral and within hours of it being published Domino’s Pizza Japan issued an apology for its employee’s “inappropriate conduct” on X.

“We deeply apologise for making our valued customers uncomfortable,” it added.
The video was filmed after the branch had closed and showed dough being prepared for a 24-hour fermentation process, Domino’s said. This meant it hadn’t been used in any pizzas and it has now been disposed of.

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Operations at the branch were also suspended and the employee will be punished in line with company guidelines, The Japan Times reported.
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This incident comes shortly after three people were arrested following a spate of “sushi terrorism” videos posted online in Japan.
One video showed a man licking the top of a soy sauce bottle at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, before going on to lick his finger and touch pieces of sushi believed to be intended for other customers.

Other videos showed people putting wasabi on other customers’ sushi and licking a communal spoon from a container of green tea powder.
Three people who were part of the same group of diners were arrested on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business, the Kyodo news agency reported earlier this month.

Source : Sky News