Victoria and Albert museum searching for Taylor Swift ‘super-fan’ adviser

The Victoria and Albert museum is looking to recruit a Taylor Swift super-fan adviser.

The museum is looking for insights into the culture and craftsmanship behind handmade signs, friendship bracelets and memorabilia associated with the singer ahead of the European leg of her Eras tour.

Swifties regularly swap friendship bracelets with each other at the shows.

The American musician was the biggest-selling global recording artist in 2023, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

The London-based museum has already filled four super-fan roles, for Toby jugs, Pokemon cards, Gorpcore clothing and Lego.

The Toby jug is an 18th-century English pottery jug shaped like a seated figure, typically wearing clothing from that period and sometimes depicting a famous character or historical figure.

Gorpcore is a fashion trend where clothing specifically designed for outdoor activities is worn as streetwear, such as puffer jackets and fleeces.

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Image: Pic: Reuters

The museum is also seeking individuals passionate about Crocs footwear, emojis and drag, among other roles.

The initiative is part of the institution’s effort to enhance its “vast curatorial knowledge” by engaging grassroots experts to assist in “specific cultural niches”.

The roles will be paid a set rate per session, which will be discussed with applicants at the interview stage.

Bob Moores, the Toby jug super-fan adviser, said: “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to turn my love of collecting early English Toby jugs into my full-time job.

“I acquired my first Toby jug some 25 years ago and since then have developed an absolute passion for these quintessentially English jugs and being allowed to work alongside the experts in this field at the V&A is a privilege and being paid to do so is an added bonus.”

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Hannah Da Silva, the Gorpcore super-fan adviser, said being recognised by the V&A was “truly an amazing experience”.

The museum’s recruitment efforts are born out of research it carried out which revealed 44% of Britons believe items in their personal collections are worthy of a place in a museum.

More than a quarter (27%) of UK collectors believe they are more knowledgeable about their chosen passion than the experts.

Dr Tristram Hunt, director of the museum, said: “These new advisory roles will help us celebrate and discover more about the enormous, and often surprising, creative diversity on offer at the V&A, as well as helping us to learn more about the design stories that are relevant to our audiences today.”

Swifties can now submit their applications through the V&A website.

Source : Sky News