‘We must recognise cost of giving up’ support for Ukraine, Cameron tells UN

Lord David Cameron has warned the UN about the consequences of withdrawing support for Ukraine in its war against Russia.
The foreign secretary was speaking to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on the eve of the second anniversary of the invasion.

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Lord Cameron said: “Two years on, I recognise some want to rethink. There is a sense of fatigue, there are other problems, a compromise might seem attractive.
“But this is wrong.

“We must recognise the cost of giving up.
“Putin has said there will be no peace until Russia’s goals are achieved, and in his recent interview, he studiously avoided confirming he was satisfied with the land seized from Ukraine at present.

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“This is not a man seeking compromise – rather, this is a neo-imperialist bully who believes that might is right.”
He added that, if President Putin were to “eke out some kind of win, the rest of the world would suffer too”.


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