Dunes of Dawn Makes Their SortedRecords Debut With Intoxicating Techno Single ‘Phonetics’

Techno duo Dunes of Dawn have been on a incredible journey so far, leading them to share stages with luminaries such as ANNA, Layton Giordani, Hot Since 82, Skream, and Hiroko Yamamura. Fresh off their debut on IN ROTATION / Insomniac Records with “Dimensions” in late January, Dunes Of Dawn are continuing their meteoric rise, recently making their debut on Sorted Records, a sub-label of Nervous Records, with their gripping, high-intensity techno single, “Phonetics.”

From its outset, “Phonetics” captivates with its methodical, paced percussion, setting an irresistibly entrancing tone. As the energy pulses steadily and additional effects layer in, a seductive, organically-timed vocal emerges, infusing the track with personality and a hint of Italian flair. This addition elevates the experience to new heights, drawing the mind deeper into the moment. Gradually winding down to its conclusion, “Phonetics” leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what comes next.

Listen below!

Source : Your Edm