Since JulEYE collaborates with Marvel Years and rapper C1 of Foodchain for the blues-infused hip-hop track “My Soul”

From Denver’s close-knit music community, Lev Averbakh aka Since JulEYE is a versatile DJ/producer who has gained recognition for his distinctive bouncy hip-hop beats and electrifying live shows. His in-demand performances have graced festivals such as Summer Camp Music Festival, Gem & Jam, Color Field, and Wavespell, as well as two official Pretty Lights pre-parties in Colorado and Chicago. Lev has shared stages with notable artists including The Floozies, Mersiv, Maddy O’Neal, and Manic Focus, solidifying his place in the music scene.

He recently joined forces with Marvel Years and rapper C1 of Foodchain for “My Soul,” a dynamic fusion of blues-infused grooves and rhythmic hip-hop beats. The track begins with an infectious bassline and mellow organ chords, followed by C1’s soulful verse and Marvel Years’ impactful guitar chords, adding depth and texture. “My Soul” blends soul-stirring chords, magnetic rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics, serving as a tribute to the collaborative vision of all three artists.

Listen below!

Source : Your Edm