Apple’s new Manuals, Specs, and Downloads page is a great resource

Apple has launched a new page for customers that brings together a lot of separate elements across its website into a single resource.

The new Manuals, Specs, and Downloads page will help you find all the info you need for any of the Apple products you own. It’s organized by product category and includes tech specs, user guides, info pages, and repair manuals (when applicable) for Apple products going back decades–even including tech specs for the old iMac G3.

Some pages include links to software downloads like EFI and firmware updates (for older Macs) or things like the Pro Display XDR calibrator software. The Software category is for downloads and manuals for Apple’s consumer, professional, and productivity software.

It should be noted that info like Tech Specs pages have not been updated to include features added post-release. For example, iOS 17.2 added support for Qi2 wireless charger support for all iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models, but their specs pages only lists original Qi support up to 7.5 watts.

Source : Macworld