Azim and Eubank in talks to finalise ‘breakout’ fight next

Adam Azim is on course to face Harlem Eubank next as the two fighters aim to finalise a deal.

Promoter Ben Shalom told Sky Sports: “I believe that fight happens next. It’s a massive fight.

“It’s a tough fight and a lot of people will raise their eyebrows.

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Adam Azim retained his European title after Enock Poulsen collapsed in pain following a dislocated shoulder in the fifth round

“We don’t really know how good Harlem is but what we do know is how well he’s come on, that he can really punch and he’s 30 years old, a lot more experienced. It’s a tough fight for both of them.”

Speaking on social media on Monday night, Azim revealed he has already signed a deal to fight Eubank but that the date and venue are yet to be confirmed.

Eubank is managed by his uncle Chris Eubank Sr and Azim also has a boxing legend in his team in Barry McGuigan.

“Weighing it up, we feel like the Eubank name and the story between McGuigan and [Eubank] Senior is just too big a story and a massive breakout fight,” Shalom, speaking at the fantastic Easter Sunday bout between Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clark, said.

“Also for Harlem, he’s 30 years old, 19-0, this is his time as well. As much as this is perfect for Adam, I feel it’s perfect for Harlem as well.

“It’s just another fantastic fight if we can get it 60 per cent, 70 per cent as good as this one [Wardley vs Clarke], we’ve got another massive fight as well.

He added: “Taking on a Eubank with everything that comes with it, when you’re looking at Adam you want him to become a superstar, I think this is the fight that can propel him to that, if he can make a statement.”

‘We’re Eubank, we’re not here to play’

Barry McGuigan and Chris Eubank St joined Azim and Harlem Eubank when the two fighters confronted each other on Sunday night, facing off in the ring at the O2 Arena.

“Adam Azim is a special talent,” McGuigan, whose son Shane manages and trains Azim, said. “[We’ve got] great respect for Harlem Eubank and his uncle Chris.

“It’s a great legacy, but Adam Azim is a sensational talent and I believe he will beat Harlem comprehensively.”

Azim’s fifth-round win over Enock Poulsen to retain the European title in February, after his opponent suffered a shoulder injury, took him to 11-0 (8) since turning professional.

Eubank, meanwhile, moved to 19-0 (8) on the back of an 11th-round stoppage of Timo Schwarzkopf last November.

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Adam Azim says he fully expects to fight Dalton Smith at some point, but admits he will let his team organise his immediate future

Eubank’s uncle is in no doubt he will show just why the 30-year-old has racked up such an impressive record if a showdown with Azim can be finalised.

“Harlem is going to take that front seat,” Eubank Sr said. “He is fighting with his heart, as you will see.

“His style is like that of Sugar Ray Leonard’s and his fortitude is that of mine.

“We’re Eubank, we’re not here to play.”

‘It’s going to be an Azim takeover’ | Eubank: I know he doesn’t want it

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Relive Adam Azim’s spectacular 2023, which saw the rising star pick up three wins as he became the European champion

Adam Azim is relishing a clash with Harlem Eubank in what would be the toughest fight of his career to date.

Azim has already beaten two undefeated fighters in Santos Reyes, who was 12-0, and the 14-0 Enock Poulsen, and is determined to show his prospective opponent’s famous surname counts for nothing.

“This is what I wanted,” Azim said. “He might be Eubank, but I’m Azim, so it’s going to be an Azim takeover.”

Eubank, however, dismissed the 22-year-old’s claims and insisted there is no way Azim truly wants to test himself against him.

“I don’t believe he wants it,” Eubank said. “His team organise everything for him, his team are clearly excited, but I know he doesn’t want it.”

Source : Sky Sports