Pharrell Williams Quietly Releases New Album Black Yacht Rock, Vol. 1: City of Limitless Access

It looks like Pharrell Williams has released a new album on the occasion of his 51st birthday. The 10-song release is available exclusively on It’s unclear who worked on the album, but Williams’ voice is prominent throughout. It’s also not even clear what the album is called, but the cover artwork (below) suggests that it’s titled Black Yacht Rock, Vol. 1: City of Limitless Access. And maybe that it’s by a group called Virginia. In any case, head to the website to find the album.

Williams has not promoted the album, but that hasn’t stopped his friends and collaborators from celebrating the project. Eternal fan Tyler, the Creator posted on X, “caged bird free by virginia black yacht rock, great song.” And Pusha T shared a link to the new album on his Instagram stories.

Source : Pitchfork