One of macOS 15’s big new features might be a superpowered Calculator

Following a report that the Notes app will offer new math-based features, AppleInsider reports that the Calculator app will get a major overhaul in macOS 15. Apple is expected to debit macOS 15 at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 in June.

The changes to the macOS Calculator include:

  • A redesign that resembles the iOS Calculator app. While the macOS Calculator app has a similar layour and color scheme as the iOS Calculator, the iPhone app has circular buttons compared to square buttons on the Mac.
  • An adjustable window size that replaces the current fixed size. You can choose between basic, scientific and programmer views in the menubar but the Mac Calculator app doesn’t support resizing by dragging the window corners.
  • A history tape that displays past calculations, which would reportedly appear as a sidebar with the ability to toggle it through a button.
  • More intuitive interface for unit conversions.
  • Support for the new Math Notes feature in the macOS 15 Notes app.

The Calculator app hasn’t gotten much (if any) attention from Apple. It got a facelift in macOS Yosemite, but its functionality hasn’t changed much, if at all. Users usually turn to third-party apps such as PCalc ($9.99) or Soulver ($34.95). Apple is expected to showcase AI features in macOS 15, and it looks like the Calculator app could be one area with AI-based upgrades.

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Source : Macworld