This nifty color-sensing gadget is the style aid every DIYer needs, and it’s only $60

Whether your profession is in the creative industry or you’re a DIY-er working on a passion project or repainting your walls, you’ve likely needed a reliable method of matching colors. Fortunately, you can get precise color matches for upholstery, paint colors, and more with this color-matching sensor.

The Nix Mini 2 is a fantastic tool for anyone who works with color, allowing users to color match accurately and on the go. It’s now only $59.97 (reg. $99) through April 21. 

This device has a highly calibrated sensor that can instantly scan any surface and match its color with any of more than 100,000 brand-name paint colors, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB hues. From painted walls to fabrics to more exotic materials like vinyl, leather, plastic, or even unique wallpapers, the Nix Mini 2’s abilities are truly impressive. 

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The Nix Mini 2 can also cross-reference with popular paint brands, ensuring that users find the exact match if they find paint inspiration from another establishment or are repainting their home walls. Using the Nix app, you can also record your color matches and save and organize said color palettes for easy reference in the future.

Recreate shades accurately with the Nix Mini 2 Color-Matching Sensor, now just $59.97 until April 21 at 11:59 PM Pacific.


Nix Mini 2 Color-Matching Sensor

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