Baby saved from womb of mother killed in Israeli strike

Palestinians in Rafah are reeling from a series of devastating Israeli airstrikes that have killed 22 people – including 18 children.
The last 48 hours, horrific even by Gaza’s standards, are an indicator of what may follow in any Israeli Rafah offensive.
Doctors told the Sky News team in Gaza how they saved the life of an unborn baby even as her mother was dying from head injuries.
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“We tried to rescue the patient,” Dr Ahmad Fawzi said.
“We realised that she was pregnant.
“We had to do an emergency caesarean to save the baby.
“Thanks to God, we managed to save the baby.”

Image: The Palestinian baby girl was saved from the womb of her mother. Pic: Reuters
The little girl lies in an incubator.
She has no name but there is tape attached to her hand with writing that says: “The baby of the martyr Sabreen al Sakani”.
The baby’s mother Sabreen, her father Shoukri, and three-year-old sister Malak all died in the Israeli airstrike.
Her uncle says he will care for her now.

Image: The Palestinian baby girl was saved from the womb of her mother. Pic: Reuters
Also in Rafah, another airstrike killed 17 children and two women all from the same extended family, say Palestinians.
There were heartbreaking scenes at the hospital as relatives mourned the children being placed in body bags.
A relative, Umm Kareem, told how the children were killed as they slept in their beds, saying: “These children were sleeping. What did they do? What was their fault?
“Pregnant women at home, sleeping children, the husband’s aunt is 80 years old.
“What did this woman do? Did she fire missiles? We complain about our concerns to God.”
The strikes, all in Rafah, have provoked unusually sharp criticism of Israel by the UK government.

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Families mourn as airstrike kills children

Lord Ahmad, foreign minister for the Middle East, tweeted that he was “appalled by the Israeli strike, on a residential apartment in the densely populated Rafah in Gaza, which resulted in more children being killed”.
“We must stop this fighting immediately and bring an end to this conflict,” he added.
But there is no end in sight. Quite the opposite.
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In an address to the nation ahead of Passover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used language from the Bible to hint at what might be coming for Rafah.
The enemy, he said, is “hardening its heart and refusing to let our people go”.
“Therefore, we will strike it with additional painful blows – and this will happen soon,” he added.
Israel’s government says it must take the fight to Hamas in Rafah to bring back its hostages and destroy the enemy, but far more civilians are being killed than Hamas fighters in this war.
Rafah is the most densely-populated area of Gaza. And when the offensive begins here, many more will die.

Source : Sky News