Mixed-breed dog wins Westminster’s agility competition for first time

Buddy Holly wins best in show

Buddy Holly wins best in show at Westminster dog show 00:36

A Maryland dog named Nimble took home major titles at the 148th Westminster Dog Show after racing through the event’s agility competition, becoming the first mixed-breed dog to win the event. 

Nimble, handled by Cynthia Hornor, was named the Masters Agility Champion Winner and the All American Dog winner. The latter prize goes to the highest-scoring pup in the Masters Agility competition. 

Nimble also placed first in the event’s 12-inch class. 

Video shared by the event showcases Nimble’s impressive race time of just 28.76 seconds. The border collie-papillon mix leapt through a hoop, raced through a tunnel, rapidly dodged poles and cleared several other hurdles alongside Hornor to take home the top prizes. Announcers could be heard cheering wildly for Nimble as he dashed through the course, with Hornor providing guidance. 

This is the first time a mixed-breed dog has won the agility competition since it was introduced in 2014. The competition, which kicks off the dog show, is one of the only events in the show that allows non-purebred dogs to compete. The dog show, which is taking place at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York, refers to non-purebred pups as all-American dogs. 

This isn’t the first time Nimble’s handler, Hornor, took home awards. In 2023, she took home the Masters Agility Champion Winner trophy with a border collie named Truant. Truant finished the course even faster than Nimble, with a time of 28.68 seconds, according to the American Kennel Club. 

The best in show prize, to be awarded Tuesday night. Last year, Buddy Holly, a petit basset griffon Vendéen, was named the top dog.

Source : Cbs News