Dublin-New York livestream portal to be switched off following ‘inappropriate behaviour’

A livestream portal between Dublin and New York will be switched off from 10pm on Tuesday following “inappropriate behaviour” in the Irish capital.
The temporary shutdown comes amid continuing attempts to find technical solutions to address the problems, which have included flashing body parts and showing potentially offensive images.

Thousands of people have visited the two-way video link in Dublin, which gives a real-time view of the Big Apple.
A Dublin City Council statement said: “The team behind the Portal art sculpture, Portals.org, has been investigating possible technical solutions to inappropriate behaviour by a small minority of people in front of the portal.
“Unfortunately the preferred solution, which would have involved blurring, was not satisfactory.

“As a result the portal will be switched off at 10pm tonight and the team at Portals.org have told us they expect it will be switched back on later this week.”
The statement added: “We are delighted by how many people have been enjoying the Portal since it was launched last week.

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“It has become a global phenomenon, and it is important to note that the overwhelming majority of people interacting with the Dublin Portal have behaved appropriately.”
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Dublin City Council noted there has been an increase in footfall since the Portal was unveiled in north Dublin, facing O’Connell Street.
The American portal is at the busy Manhattan junction of Broadway, Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street.
Videos online have shown some on the Irish side flashing body parts, displaying swear words on phone screens and showing images of 9/11.
Another woman was escorted away by Irish police after she was seen rubbing herself up against the portal.

Source : Sky News