Model/Actriz, Water From Your Eyes, and More Announced for New York Boat Show

Last year, Water From Your Eyes hosted their record release show for Everyone’s Crushed on a boat in New York. Now, the experimental art-rock duo are returning to the waves of Manhattan with a self-curated mini-festival on Thursday, July 25. It features performances by Model/Actriz, Water From Your Eyes, Kassie Krut, and DJ Practice, and costs $35 to attend. The boat will be located at the Skyport Marina. Find more info about the show in the poster below.

Back in January, Water From Your Eyes released a cover of the Ween song “If You Could Save Yourself (You’d Save Us All).” Both members of the band, Nate Amos and Rachel Brown, have worked on solo albums since their last record together. Under their longtime moniker Thanks for Coming, Brown dropped the compilation You Haven’t Missed Much and the What Is My Capacity to Love? EP. As for Amos, his newest This Is Lorelei album, Box for Buddy, Box for Star, arrives on June 14.

Source : Pitchfork