Snatch this beautiful AirTag Apple leather loop for just $8

Getting an AirTag set up is super easy, but figuring out how to secure them to something like a bag or a zipper is a different discussion. Thankfully, this gorgeous leather loop from Apple is only $8 right now, down from $39, the best price we’ve ever seen and the perfect companion for your AirTaf.

Made out of red, tanned leather, this Apple AirTag case is simply gorgeous. Even more, it’s elegant no matter what you attach it to. This beautiful case will keep your AirTag tightly in place. Just loop the leather around whatever you want to hook it to, such as your backpack, and slip the AirTag through the cutout.

AirTags are super useful to have. These button-shaped devices will keep track of any of your personal items, such as your bags or keys. There are so many uses for AirTags that we’re sure you’ll find a few that work for you, They use the Apple Find My network by leveraging Bluetooth technology. They’re super easy to find through the app, immediately displaying the location of whatever you’ve hooked the Apple AirTag Leather loop to.

If you don’t have one, a 4-pack is down to $79 right now, a savings of $20 and a savings of nearly $10 per AirTag on its $29 price tag. So go ahead and order yourself a few of these beautiful leather loops for your Apple AirTags.

Get the Apple AirTag Leather Loop for $8

Source : Macworld