Gather all your free streaming in one place with $120 off this platform

There’s a bewildering number of places to find TV, movies, songs, and more, but what they have and where they have it can be frustratingly opaque. The BitMar app offers clarity with a unified search engine that crawls all the services for the content you’re looking for.

Built on the same search technology that drives Bing, and enjoying a 4.1- out of five-star rating on Google Play, BitMar is a carefully optimized search tool that brings a wide range of disparate services into one place so you can browse through them. Just search as normal, and it will take you to the content you’re looking for. Instead of crawling through websites, searching through multiple services, or looking for a questionable copy, you can settle in and watch.

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Fully compatible with all major mobile and desktop platforms, BitMar can be used on tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, smart TVs, and other platforms where you’re looking for streaming. There’s also a web app available, so you can always have it handy.

Always have something to watch with BitMar’s powerful media search tools for $29.99, $120 off the $150 MSRP.


BitMar All-in-One Streaming Platform: Lifetime Subscription – $29.99

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Source : Macworld