World’s best restaurant named – this is how much it costs to eat there

The renowned “50 Best” list of the world’s best restaurants has been revealed in Las Vegas – with a new restaurant taking top spot.
Disfrutar in Barcelona took the crown from Central in Lima, Peru (previous winners are ineligible and instead join a Best of the Best list).

Eating the standard menu costs £247 (€290) – with an extra £136 (€160) if you want the wine pairing.
To be fair, you do get around 30 courses.
They also offer a unique menu for your table for between €1,050 and €390 per person – the more people, the less it costs.

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The 50 Best list says: “The combination of brilliantly imaginative dishes, unsurpassed technical mastery and playful presentation results in the dining experience of a lifetime, as full of surprises as it is memories.”

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Image: Judges hailed the restaurant’s ‘unsurpassed technical mastery’. Pic: The World’s 50 Best Restaurants/Francesc Guillamet
Dishes include:
Caviar-filled Panchino doughnut
Frozen gazpacho sandwich
Thai-style cuttlefish with coconut multi-spherical
Squab with kombu spaghetti, almond and grape
Two UK restaurants made the top 50 but was eclipsed by countries from across South America as well as Thailand, Italy, France and Spain.


London’s Kol moved up slightly to 17, while Ikoyi, which we reported on a few weeks ago following a link-up with Uber Eats, came it at 42.

Source : Sky News