Apple is finally building a Passwords app for all of your devices–even PCs

In a challenge to password manager software like LastPass and 1Password, Apple is said to be creating a standalone Passwords app. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the new Passwords app will debut at WWDC next week, and will be available across Apple devices including Vision Pro and even on Windows.

For years, Apple fans have wanted the company to take its password management out of the Settings app. Storing passwords in iCloud Keychain is convenient, but it’s cumbersome the moment you step out of Safari or Apple’s apps. If you ever use your services on a Windows computer or other device, it’s a pain to dive into settings on your iPhone to find them and enter them manually. Two-factor authentication support was limited, too.

The new Passwords app, according to Gurman, solves most of these problems. It will be available across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Vision Pro, and even Windows. What’s more, it will “support verification codes and serve as an authentication app similar to Google Authenticator.”

A standalone app should make it easier to manage passwords if you ever need to change one and access information such as passwords, Wi-Fi logins, and Passkeys across multiple devices. It’s unclear what other sorts of details it may manage; password managers often contain auto-fill data for payment info and addresses, in addition to passwords.

We’ll find out all about it in just a few days when WWDC 2024 kicks off on June 10.

Source : Macworld