Small but welcomed Apple TV and Home updates coming this fall

Apple didn’t have a lot of new Apple TV or smart home announcements to make at WWDC, but the few new features announced provide some real quality-of-life improvements. Here are some of the key features coming to Apple TV and Apple’s smart home ecosystem this fall.


One of our favorite features of Amazon Prime Video is X-Ray—just pause what you’re watching to see the actors on screen, the music playing at that moment, and other relevant info.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, because InSight looks just like X-Ray. Swipe down on the TV remote when you’re watching an Apple Original series to see the same sort of info: actors and their characters and the current song playing. You can even add it to your Apple Music playlist with a tap.

If you don’t want to disturb the other people watching, InSight info can show up in the iPhone remote app.

Better Enhance Dialog support and subtitles

The Enhance Dialog feature introduced in tvOS 17 now uses a machine learning algorithm to provide even better vocal clarity, and it works with more audio output types including TV speakers, receivers, and AirPods or other Bluetooth devices.

Subtitles will now appear intelligently when you mute the volume or skip back.

21:9 projector support and screen savers

Apple TV is optimized for televisions, which tend to be all 16:9, but this year Apple is adding support for projectors that have an aspect ratio of 21:9.


There are new Aerial screensavers, but Apple is also making it easier to choose between the Aerials, photos, a new Portraits category, or the new TV & Movies category that features scenes from Apple TV+ content. There’s also a new animated Snoopy & Woodstock screen saver.

New smart home features

The Home app is getting a few improvements, too. It’s adding support for home vacuums, and you can share access to locks, garage doors, and security systems with guests, finally.

A new “Express Mode” unlocking feature will unlock your door when you come within 6 feet of it if you have a compatible door lock with Ultra WideBand and compatible iPhone (11 or later) or Apple Watch (series 6 or later).

A new energy reporting page in the Energy section will show your energy usage after you link your account to your electricity provider. At first, Apple is only providing this feature in partnership with PG&E in California, but it should grow to support other providers.

Source : Macworld